Over 4,000 local pensioners may be missing out on Pension Credit

November 1, 2005 12:59 PM
Old man.

Thousands of Derby's poorest pensioners are missing out on support they are entitled to

New figures on the take up of Pension Credit indicate that 4,276 pensioners in the Derby North and South constituencies may be missing out on money that is rightfully theirs.

Local Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson Lucy Care said: "Pension Credit is targeted at poorer older people, so people failing to claim this money will be some of the poorest in Derby. Across Derby, this indicates a lot of unnecessary hardship, and represents a loss of about £200,000 a week to the local economy.

"In the short term, I hope everyone who is unsure about their entitlement rings the Pension Service helpline to find out if they are missing out; Freephone 0800 99 1234.

"The long term answer is to provide pensioners with a decent pension that isn't falling further and further below the poverty line each year."