Unfair Council Tax gets worse every year

October 26, 2005 7:46 PM

Local people will face even higher Council Tax bills next year

Following predictions from the Local Government Association that council tax will rise by an average of 7% next year the Liberal Democrats can reveal the effect this will have on council tax bills across England.

Householders in the East and West Midlands are in for a shock as their average council tax bill rises to over £1000 a year for the first time. The news will be a particular blow to pensioners and those on low incomes who often struggle to pay their current council tax even before these increases. The Liberal Democrats are committed to scrapping the unfair council tax and replacing it with a fair system of local taxation based on ability to pay.

Commenting on the predicted rises Hilary Jones, Leader of Derby's Liberal Democrat Councillors, said: "Council Tax gets worse every year. These figures show this unfair tax simply cannot go on.

"Labour has opted out of reforming Council Tax, and the Conservatives still think it's a fair system. But with pensioners already prepared to go to prison rather than pay, large increases in Council Tax next year could spark a serious rebellion, like the one that overturned the Poll Tax.

"Council Tax penalises pensioners and the low paid. It's time to scrap this unfair tax and replace it with a fair local income tax based on ability to pay.

"In Derby Labour say they will keep Council Tax increases beneath inflation, but with Labour promising to spend more money there will be a big black hole in their budget plans. This must make it almost inevitable that if Labour remain in power after next year they will either put up Council Tax or cut services".