Derby people say no to ID cards

October 17, 2005 3:56 PM
Lucy Care with Liberal Democrat President Simon Hughes MP and other opponents of ID cards

Lots of people in Derby and the rest of the UK are saying no to ID cards

As the House of Commons prepares to vote on the Identity Cards bill, Derby Liberal Democrat Councillor, Lucy Care, reveals that her petition against ID Cards has received strong support. Lucy Care's petition calls for the government to scrap its plans to introduce ID Cards and to spend the money instead on getting more police on the streets in Derby and the rest of the UK.

Cllr Care will be sending the petitions, which have the backing of Lib Dem President Simon Hughes MP, to Tony Blair, to show the strength of opposition to ID cards from many people in Derby.

Cllr Care said "Although ID Cards may seem on the surface a good idea to many people, when they see the detail a lot of people realise that, in practice, ID Cards aren't really an answer to anything.

"The cost of ID Cards will be enormous. The government is suggesting nearly £6 billion, but independent experts are suggesting they could cost up to £20 billion. Although the Government has now promised to cap the cost of the simplest ID Card, most people are likely to have to pay nearly £100 each.

"ID cards are not a protection against terrorists - they did not stop the Madrid bombers in Spain, where they have ID cards. And all the 9/11 terrorists had valid ID documents. ID Cards can even lull people into a false sense of security.

"What many people in Derby are telling me is that they don't want the government to spend billions on intrusive, but ineffective, bits of plastic. They want that money spent on more bobbies on the beat to crack down on crime".