Care calls on Derby people to relate experiences of tax credits

February 22, 2005 12:00 AM

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Derby South, Lucy Care, is calling on local people who have faced problems with tax credit mispayments to report their experiences to an independent advice network collecting evidence on the problems people are facing.

The online consultation is being run by adviceni - an independent advice network based in Northern Ireland. They are seeking the views of tax credit recipients from all over the UK.

Lucy Care said; "The Evening Telegraph has already featured cases of local families who have suffered because of mistakes in their tax credit payments. The Government's continued inability to pay families the money they are owed is breathtaking. There will be local families left out of pocket without the means for everyday living. "The introduction of the new tax credits has pushed millions of families onto a rollercoaster of late payments, overpayment, claw back of payments and reassessments.

It is time the Government looked at simplifying the system and ended the misery of the hundreds of thousands of families caught in a bureaucratic nightmare. "The more evidence that can be gathered about the problems for ordinary hard working families the better.

For anyone who has internet access, I recommend using the opportunity of highlighting your experiences in this way."

The online consultation can be accessed at

Whilst based in Northern Ireland, adviceni would welcome feedback from people across the UK - please say where you are based if you log onto the consultation. For more information on adviceni, see its website at