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  • Document: Apr 12, 2019
    734.09 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Derby Liberal Democrats' manifesto for Derby City Council 2019

  • Article: Mar 21, 2019

    Brexit was never clearly defined

    In or out of the Single Market? In or out of the Customs Union? Lots of different solutions were suggested. WTO? Norway? Canada? May's Deal? Not everyone who voted to leave wants the same thing. And some say that what we have now is Germany++!

    Brexit campaigning broke the law.

  • Article: Mar 20, 2019
    By Cllr Ruth Skelton

    As we're by now painfully well aware, the A52 upgrade project started under Labour has been far from a success. Tens of millions have been wasted and extra delays and congestion caused by Labour's failings.

    The report by Central Midlands Audit Partnership doesn't make for pleasant reading. The project went disastrously wrong. And the seeds of its own destruction were there right from the beginning.

  • Article: Mar 15, 2019

    Or what is that waste plant on Sinfin Lane?

    Most household rubbish used to be simply buried. About 20 years ago this changed. The Government told councils to recycle more and deal with remaining waste now, rather than leave a problem for the future. So back in 2007, Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils agreed a contract for a plant on Sinfin Lane to use new technology to burn the waste cleanly and make electricity too. It would also do extra recycling.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2019

    In mid-January the Council published its plans for the new Moorways swimming pool complex. It includes a 10 lane 50m pool that can be divided into 3 smaller pools, and much-improved leisure water - flumes, racer slides, splashpad and a beach area.

    There will also be a WOW ball in the leisure pool that creates waves.

  • Cllrs Joe Naitta and Ruth Skelton with Danielle Lind witness a sea of mud
    Article: Mar 7, 2019

    Churned Up Grass Verges

    A few months ago, the Council repaired and reseeded the grass verges at the lower end of Blagreaves Lane. The effort and expense the Council went to has all been in vain. The verges have now been badly churned up AGAIN by cars parking on them.

    "We have had a lot of complaints from local people about this," said Danielle Lind. "Council staff have been speaking to residents in that part of Blagreaves Lane."

  • Article: Mar 6, 2019

    Birds are early

    Because of the warm February some birds are already building their nests. If you still have hedges to trim, please check carefully before cutting them back - and do it as soon as practical. It is an offence to disturb nesting birds.

    Neighbourhood Forum

    The police and local councillors will be providing updates and answering questions at the next Neighbourhood Forum. It will be on Wednesday 20th March from 7pm at Carlisle Infant School on Carlyle Avenue. All are welcome.

  • Article: Mar 6, 2019

    Latest official figures show that violent crime recorded in England and Wales has gone up by nearly a fifth in just a year. Crime across Derby has risen every year since 2015.

    Lib Dem spokesperson for Derby North, Barry Holliday said "Behind these shocking figures lie hundreds of tragedies. All Tory Ministers have done is make things worse. Severe budget reductions have left people and communities in danger. Yet the Tories are blaming others for their own failings. Lib Dems demand more police and more youth services to stop the violence epidemic spreading further, that's why we would invest £300m per year into our local police forces."

  • Article: Mar 5, 2019

    The Council has a duty to ensure there is a place in school for every child. This is easier said than done, particularly when money is short and the number of children increasing.

    Barry Holliday, the Lib Dem campaigner for Derby North, said "New homes often mean more children, so developers like Kier building Manor Kingsway, pay the Council to provide more school places.

  • Article: Mar 4, 2019

    New hospital car park opens

    The new car park for hospital staff beyond Aldi is now open. As staff are issued passes and parking habits change hopefully there will be fewer parking problems in other places around the area. Please share any observations with the Focus team. Thanks.

    Allan Avenue housing

    The Council planners are not happy with the detailed layout of the housing being planned beyond Leslie Close. They are expecting a new plan/layout in the next few weeks. People who have objected before should be told when new plans are received, and there will be new signs displayed on the street.