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  • Article: Oct 22, 2018

    News has emerged that Labour are 'calling in' a decision by Derby's Conservative council to cut Special Educational Needs provision in Derby - just as Labour were doing themselves only a few months ago.

    Commenting, Danielle Lind said "Labour are trying to treat Derby families as fools.

    "Parents know how much damage Labour caused to Special Educational Needs provision in Derby. They cut provision, cut funding and made such a mess of looking after our children that parents were forced to take the Council to court to meet its legal obligations.

  • Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable MP and Derby North Lib Dem spokesperson Barry Holliday
    Article: Oct 5, 2018

    Chris Williamson spent the summer recess from parliament travelling the country with what he called a 'democracy roadshow'. Your Lib Dem spokesperson, Barry Holliday said:

    "Williamson's roadshow is nothing more than a travelling threat to Labour MPs who dare to question Corbyn. Even Labour party members have pointed out to Williamson on social media that fewer than 5% of their own members vote at meetings, how could they justify deselecting MPs on the whim of a handful of Labour party members? It just shows that Corbyn & Williamson's version of democracy is for the few, not the many.

  • Cllr Ruth Skelton, Cllr Ruth Skelton and Danielle Lind at the site of the new path
    Article: Oct 4, 2018

    It has been a long wait, but the work to create the new pathway / cycleway / bridleway from Oaklands Avenue through Millennium Wood and on to Moorway Lane has now started. It is expected to take 8 weeks.

    This project is being paid for with money from the Heatherton developers. Since 2012 Labour has delayed the project again and again. In 2015 they even claimed that no local residents wanted this pathway! This was met with an angry response from local residents. The final straw came in December 2015 when the Labour Cabinet wanted to take the money away from this project. Frantic efforts were made behind the scenes to stop this. At the meeting the Cabinet report was withdrawn and it was agreed that the local councillors and Friends of Littleover Parks would work with Parks Officers to come up with a list of what the £330,000+ should be spent on.

  • Cllr Ruth Skelton, Cllr Ruth Skelton and Danielle Lind at a local bus stop
    Article: Oct 3, 2018

    You Lib Dem team have been told that Arriva are planning cuts to the 7 and 5/5A services that run through our area.

    Evening services are planned to be slashed. Mondays - Saturdays the last bus 5 from town will be at 8pm. The last bus 5A from town will be 7:30pm. The last bus 7 from Sinfin will be 5:35pm. On Sundays the last bus 5 from town will be 7pm. The last bus 5A from town will be 6:30pm. The last bus 7 from town will be 5:52pm.

  • Article: Oct 2, 2018
    By Cllr Ruth Skelton

    Special Educational Needs

    Over the past 6 years when Labour ran Derby City Council there were serious problems for children with Special Educational Needs. Labour made cuts to schools' SEN funding, which meant that schools didn't have enough money to pay for the extra help and support that SEN children need. Schools then said they couldn't meet those children's needs.

  • Sign at the entrance to Sinfin Lane incinerator
    Article: Sep 27, 2018

    The long-running story of the Sinfin waste incinerator appears no closer to completion, in spite of promises from the contractors.

    The incinerator project, dating back around 20 years, was supposed to be handling and cleanly disposing of much of Derby's waste by now. Yet it is already years behind schedule, and is having problems which mean it could slip even further.

  • Liberal Democrat campaigner Barry Holliday
    Article: Sep 11, 2018
    By Barry Holliday

    Derby North Liberal Democrat spokesperson Barry Holliday has hit out at MP Chris Williamson, accusing him of 'trying to subvert democracy through backroom meetings'.

    A branch of the Labour Party in Nottingham East passed a vote of no confidence in their Labour MP Chris Leslie. Leslie has been MP for the constituency since 2010 and in the last two general elections has had over 50% of the vote.

  • Article: Sep 5, 2018

    Around 40,000 people a year die early in Britain due to air pollution. Derby has been highlighted as having some of the worst air.

    Reducing nitrogen dioxide and tiny carbon particles both from road traffic are being targeted by the Government and now the City Council.

    The Council is asking people about its plans to improve air quality in Derby. You can comment at https://www.derby.gov.uk/transport-and-streets/air-quality-in-derby/ Please do. Lib Dems are concerned that there isn't enough background information to make an informed view, and you can comment on that at the end of the survey too!

  • Article: Sep 4, 2018

    The NHS in Derbyshire has been told to save £51 million from its budget.

    Lib Dem Derby North spokesperson Barry Holliday said "In the snap General Election last year the Conservatives promised to protect the NHS. Instead cuts are undermining the excellent work done by NHS staff here in Derbyshire. This shows that the NHS isn't safe in Conservative hands.

  • Cllr Eric Ashburner and Tom Bull inspecting problem parking in Littleover
    Article: Sep 3, 2018

    One of Littleover's two highway priorities this year was to control parking where it is becoming a problem. Most of the places requested by local people have been accepted by the Council. The next step is for formal consultations with emergency services and then the public.

    Areas proposed for double yellow lines will be advertised in the Derby Telegraph and posters will be put up nearby on the streets, probably around September/October. Any comments will be considered before a final decision is made about any changes.