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  • Article: Dec 10, 2018

    This year Littleover had two highway priorities. One was for parking restrictions to make roads safer, mostly double yellow lines. These will be consulted on before Christmas and if agreed should be going in shortly after, weather-permitting.

    The second was to assess several roads to help people cross. Only one, Manor Road near Constable Lane, was deemed busy enough.

  • Article: Dec 8, 2018

    Worldwide, it is estimated that one in ten children has a mental health problem. In the UK, only 5% (one twentieth) of mental health funding is spent on children and the NHS has a target to treat just one in three of the children who need help.

    Is that good enough?

    Barry Holliday, your Derby North Lib Dem candidate said "Imagine if your child was one of the two out of three with a mental health problem who wasn't getting help. I'm sure you'd say this wasn't good enough. And I would agree."

  • Article: Dec 7, 2018

    It is more than four years since local people supported lower speed limits as one of the road improvements with the last of the planning money from the Royal Derby Hospital.

    It is nearly two years since the Council measured traffic speeds on the roads which became 20mph limits about eight months ago. These speeds have now been measured again.

  • Article: Dec 6, 2018
    By Cllr Lucy Care

    That's a conclusion from recent opinion surveys by Ipsos MORI. Correct information that most people don't know included:

    European immigrants paid around £4.7bn more in taxes than they received in welfare benefits and public services in 2016/17.

    Other correct information that many people don't know includes:

  • Article: Dec 6, 2018

    News has emerged that the previous Labour Council's plans to lay off Library staff and transfer the work to voluntary organisations are running behind time and over budget.

    In spite of presenting themselves as the champion of local libraries on the doorstep, Labour were in fact planning to end Council-provided library services in most communities. This included laying off workers. However, their plan has so far proved undeliverable.

    Cllr Ruth Skelton said "Critics of Labour's plan for community managed libraries have been proven right. Labour's ex-cabinet member Amo Raju was not up to the job of developing a sensible, realistic plan. His plan was under-funded and over ambitious. It failed to deal properly with issues like data protection and protection of employment rights, despite warnings from UNISON. The timescales were unrealistic too.

    "It has now taken six months to try to sort out the mess Labour left behind. Sadly it seems the libraries will still have to close as Council-run services and jobs be lost, but at a cost of £400,000 extra to the Council due to Labour and Cllr Amo Raju's poor planning."

  • Article: Dec 5, 2018

    After four years of delay and uncertainty from Labour over what to do with the Assembly Rooms, it seems a solution is still not in sight.

    After several years of working with consultants, Labour came up with a plan for an expensive new building. This however proved unpopular with local groups, who felt that it wasn't well suited to their needs.

  • Article: Dec 5, 2018

    Recently the British Heart Foundation have released a report showing that over 8000 women die as a result of unequal heart attack care per year across the country.

    Lib Dem campaigner for Derby North, Barry Holliday, said:

    "Sadly, this isn't new information. For years we have known that women are not receiving the same care for heart attacks as men, now we know to what extent and how many women are dying as a result.

  • Article: Dec 3, 2018

    Work has begun on a new 600 place car park for staff at the Royal Derby Hospital. Most staff who now park on site will be able to park in the new car park.

    This will leave more space for patients and visitors by the hospital. That should mean fewer cars parked all day just beyond the 'residents only' parking areas.

  • Barry Holliday, pictured with Sir Ed Davey MP, previously Lib Dem Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change
    Article: Nov 27, 2018

    Following the National Audit Office report on the rolling out smart energy meters, Lib Dems have slammed the Tories for their botched handling of the rollout.

    Liberal Democrat candidate for Derby North, Barry Holliday, commented:

    "The smart meter programme's aims are positive and making the energy system smarter is essential if we want to move to a low carbon economy and help tackle climate change.

  • Liberal Democrat campaigner Barry Holliday
    Article: Nov 25, 2018

    Housing and Homelessness charity Shelter latest report 'Homelessness in Great Britain: the numbers behind the story' shows that homelessness is increasing across the country and is on the rise here in the East Midlands.

    The estimated total number of people homeless across Great Britain is believed to be 320,000. It fell in the South West by 8% but has risen here in the East Midlands by 6% meaning now an estimated 1 in 655 people in our region are homeless.