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The Liberal Democrats have 8 councillors across the city.

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  • Article: Mar 3, 2020

    Lib Dem Cllr Danielle Lind proposed an amendment to the Conservative-led council's budget. The amendment, to put more funding into Special Educational Needs and Disability to improve the processes and systems to improve the outcomes for young people, was passed by the Full Council at the latest meeting.

  • Derby North MP Candidate Greg Webb
    Article: Nov 30, 2019
    By Greg Webb

    As we draw closer to the election, more and more politicians are calling for extra spending. And I agree that many of our essential services need more money.

    Our NHS is overstretched, with waiting times exploding and people suffering while they wait for treatment. That's why as Lib Dems we'll invest extra in the NHS funded by a 1p rise in income tax.

  • Derby Lib Dems welcome Cllr Steve Willoughby to the Lib Dems
    Article: Nov 26, 2019

    Senior Conservative councillor Stephen Willoughby has quit the Conservative party and joined the Lib Dems. Steven said "It's more a case that the Conservative Party has left me rather than me leaving the Conservative Party. Over the last 3 years, I have seen the party become unrecognisable from the one I first supported over 20 years ago. I can no longer be part of and campaign for a party where Pro-European and compassionate Conservatives such as Dominic Grieve are no longer welcome.

  • Derby North MP Candidate Greg Webb at a Derby School
    Article: Oct 23, 2019

    The House of Commons Education Select Committee have today published a report into Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). It makes for damning reading on the government' handling of SEND.

    The report was compiled following an 18 month enquiry and takes a rigorous look at all aspects of SEND provision. It concludes that the sector as a whole is fundamentally underfunded, but that this isn't the only problem.

  • Derby North MP Candidate Greg Webb at the Derby Climate Strike Protest
    Article: Sep 20, 2019

    Education secretary Gavin Williamson MP visited Derby today, where he said that 'every child should be in school' and criticised climate strike protesters.

    Liberal Democrat MP Candidate for Derby North Greg Webb said "Many parents across Derby will be rightly upset by Mr. Williamson's comments today.

  • Petition: Aug 28, 2019

    A recent report from the Care Quality Commission and OFSTED has revealed that Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision in Derby is failing families and hurting our children.

    We call on the government to fully fund SEND services for Derby so that no child needs to suffer or be excluded because of government underfunding.

  • Article: Aug 24, 2019

    Derby has about 270 licensed Hackney taxis (currently yellow) which can be flagged down or found on taxi ranks. They can also do pre-booked work. Derby also has about 1000 Private Hire vehicles which can only do pre-booked work. There are also quite a number of hackney taxis licensed by other councils that do pre-booked work in the city. Derby City Council has no control over those "outside" vehicles. They are allowed to work outside of their licensed area due to a legal loophole.

  • Sign at the entrance to Sinfin Lane incinerator
    Article: Aug 2, 2019

    For well over a year the Sinfin waste plant has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The plant, originally due to open in 2017, has not been able to meet the requirements of the acceptance tests during the past year. It has not proved possible to make the plant work as it was expected to. After detailed discussions between the companies, banks and the two councils, it has been decided to end the contract today.

  • Article: Jul 30, 2019

    At the July Full Council meeting, Liberal Democrat Councillor Lucy Care proposed a motion calling on Derby City Council to agree to stop using single use plastics as far as possible, and to avoid using products that contain micro-beads and similar micro-plastic particles.

    The motion was seconded by Councillor Joe Naitta. It also called on the Council to minimise the use of other single use materials, including glass bottles, and to reduce the excessive use of packaging, particularly plastic packaging.

  • Article: Jul 29, 2019

    Housing beyond Havenbaulk

    Land either side of Rykneld Road between existing housing and the city boundary has been kept for future housing for many years. The area nearly got planning approval ten years or so ago. Developers are now looking at plans for this area again. They held a public consultation event at the Heatherton Community Centre at the beginning of July. There is information available at www.rykneldroad-heatherton.co.uk or email consultation@rykneldroad-heatherton.co.uk to complete a survey before 21st July.