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The Liberal Democrats have 5 councillors across the city.

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  • Article: Apr 26, 2017

    Labour's Cabinet meeting in early March highlighted their cursory regard for local people. First was a scheme to encourage Derby Homes tenants to pay their rent and get in touch online rather than in person. Just five tenants responded to their consultation, out of maybe 20,000. Could they not have spoken to tenants who were phoning up for other reasons to gain a wider sample of views? Second was the adoption of a Derby and Nottingham Metropolitan Strategy. This could see Derby and Nottingham working closely together. Only 34 people out of 151 replies from both areas said they were from Derby. Could the Council not have asked people coming into the Council House or going online to reply?

  • Cllr Joe Naitta, Cllr Ruth Skelton and Danielle Lind visiting local parks
    Article: Apr 25, 2017

    The European Union is to fund half of the cost of work to reduce the risk of flooding and increase bio-diversity along the Cuttle Brook in Sunnydale Park. The other half (£276,300) will come from a Government grant.

    The park is a Local Nature Reserve and the work will create a wide variety of habitats for plants and creatures.

  • Article: Apr 24, 2017

    Liberal Democrat Lucy Care given better chance to win in Derby North than unknown Labour candidate

    Derby North is one of many constituencies where Labour are yet to select a candidate, according to the Labour party website: http://www.labour.org.uk/pages/seats-now-open-for-application

    Liberal Democrat candidate, Lucy Care said "At present the election in Derby North is simply a two-horse race between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives."

  • Article: Apr 21, 2017

    News has emerged that the development at Newhouse Farm could now be as large as 1100 new homes - comparable to the size of the existing Heatherton Village.

    This proposal - which is available to read on South Derbyshire Council's website and at Mickleover Library - is very close to both Mickleover and Littleover, and with so many new houses would put huge pressure on local roads and local services. However it's outside the city's legal boundaries and Conservative-controlled South Derbyshire council seem determined to force it through in spite of its negative impact on Derby.

  • Article: Apr 19, 2017
    By Cllr Ruth Skelton

    This General Election will decide the future direction of our country. We are at a crossroads.

    The snap General Election on 8th June will be a choice between an inward-looking, "pull up the drawbridge" approach to life or an outlook that says we want to be a positive influence on our neighbours and the world. Tens of thousands of people have joined the Liberal Democrats over the last two years, and the party has now doubled in size. These people want to make sure the UK remains a country where traditional British values of decency, tolerance and fair-play are upheld.

  • Article: Apr 18, 2017

    Lucy Care will be the Liberal Democrat candidate for the constituency of Derby North at the General Election on Thursday June 8th 2017.

    Lucy Care has a track record campaigning across Derby North including for Post Offices and safer transport. Lucy is well respected as an effective councillor in Littleover ward, in the constituency, and has spoken up for the many residents who disagree with Theresa May's hard Brexit.

  • Article: Mar 24, 2017

    Littleover Forum

    The next Littleover Neighbourhood Forum is on 23rd March at the Littleover Social Club on Blagreaves Lane. These are now held jointly with Blagreaves ward as the Labour Council has stopped funding a neighbourhood team for Littleover.

    Residents Parking

    The introduction of permit parking on Lawn Heads, Middleton and Heath Avenues has been delayed. This is to allow further consultation as the council is suggesting extending the area to include the nearby part of Burton Road. The scheme is now expected to be introduced in May.

  • Article: Mar 22, 2017

    Labour run Derby City Council's failure to solve the escalating Teaching Assistants' strike that has been rumbling on since Christmas, is now hitting vulnerable people hard. Parents are taking so much time off work that some have lost their jobs or in some cases the unpaid leave has cut deep into their family budgets.

  • Article: Mar 10, 2017

    Maintenance & improvements

    Thanks to a local resident getting in touch, the pavement in front of the four houses on Rykneld Road should now be improved. This work was required as part of the building work, but had been missed.

    The double yellow lines where Valley Road joins the ring road are being extended to reduce conflict with parked cars when vehicles turn off the ring road. This also follows requests from local people.

  • Article: Mar 9, 2017

    Nearly two years ago, Focus reported on a possible new path alongside the A38 to link Uttoxeter Road and Heatherton/Haven Baulk areas for walkers and cyclists. At last this vision has got one step nearer.

    Highways England (which looks after trunk roads like the A38) has put money in its 2017/18 budget to do initial work to check that the project is viable. The local landowner has also expressed support for the project.