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  • Article: Aug 30, 2018

    A recent opinion poll shows that people in Derby North are changing their views on leaving the European Union. In 2016 46% of people voted to remain in the European Union. In a recent poll by Focaldata, 52% of Derby North residents would now support remaining.

    Lib Dem Derby North Candidate, Barry Holliday said "There are many reasons why views have changed. These will include the court's conclusion that the Leave campaigns broke the law. Most people also think the Conservatives are dealing badly with brexit. The realities and risks of leaving are also becoming clearer, with food and medicines being stockpiled, staff shortages worsening in the NHS and elsewhere - and the Pound falling against most other currencies forcing prices up.

  • Article: Aug 29, 2018

    Manor Kingsway parking

    The City Council had started consulting on residents only parking for the new housing around Kingsway Boulevard. However, the developers have now implemented it. This means Kier must enforce the scheme until the roads are formally adopted by the Council at some point in the future, probably several years away.

  • Article: Aug 28, 2018

    Hartland Drive road surface is being reconstructed and resurfaced. The work begins during the week starting Tuesday 28th August and it is expected to take about 4 weeks to do. The work will cover the whole of Hartland Drive from Instow Drive to Staunton Avenue / Freeman Avenue.

    This road repair scheme was chosen by your Liberal Democrat councillors Ruth Skelton and Joe Naitta together with residents who attend the Blagreaves Neighbourhood Forum.

  • Article: Aug 28, 2018

    Millennium Wood path - next steps

    The new route to extend the path through Millennium Wood to Oaklands Avenue has taken two steps forward. The planning application has been submitted, and the legal process to dedicate the route has begun.

    It is hoped that work on widening the existing path through Millennium Wood and creating the link path to Oaklands Avenue will start in the autumn and be completed by the spring.

  • Article: Aug 24, 2018

    Fight to electrify Midland Main Line continues

    MPs considering the electrification of railway lines said that electrification was the best long term solution for rail. They said that therefore the plans for the MML, from here to London, should be only postponed, not cancelled.

    Read more at http://railjournal.com/index.php/europe/parliamentary-report-criticises-british-electrification-policy.html

  • Article: Aug 16, 2018

    Labour's policy was to hand over 10 of Derby's libraries to the voluntary sector for them to run. Serious practical difficulties with this policy have been pointed out to Labour as far back as late last summer. These were ignored. It was well-known that new stricter data protection laws would come into force this May. This means that library members will now have to actively agree to the voluntary sector organisations having access to their personal data that the Library Service holds. This will only be done as and when library members visit a library. There may also be legal problems with making librarians redundant. Their work still exists, but will be done by others.

  • Article: Aug 15, 2018

    Polls are now showing that Derby North residents have switched from supporting Brexit to being in favour of remaining in the EU. Data gathered by Focaldata and published in The Observer shows that Derby North is now projected to support remaining in the EU with a majority of 52%, up from 2016 when 46% voted remain. Derby North is among the 112 parliamentary constituencies which voted to leave in the 2016 referendum which now have a majority of constituents supporting remaining in the EU.

  • Article: Jul 18, 2018

    Universal Credit

    At the July Full Council meeting Labour tried to 'transfer funds' to help smooth the introduction of Universal Credit to Derby. They claimed this could be done from budget under-spends. However, with the widely reported 'black holes' uncovered in the budget since Labour left office, there weren't any real budget under-spends to allocate. Lib Dem councillors proposed amendments to the motion to make sure that the Conservatives "carefully monitor the effects of the implementation of Universal Credit in Derby" and give their "best endeavours to ensure sufficient funding is available to support Derby residents in the transition period".

    Cllr Ruth Skelton said, "We don't want anyone to face difficulties as their benefits change, but Labour couldn't commit the Council to spending non-existent money. Thanks to the Lib Dem amendment to Labour's rather woolly motion, action will have to be taken if things don't go smoothly."

    Action on Air Quality

    Derby is one of several cities that has to tackle its poor air quality after the campaigning charity, Client Earth, took the Government to court to force improvements. This was announced in 2016 and the Council must submit its plans by September. The previous Labour administration failed to submit any plans that would satisfy the court judgement. Yet Labour tried to push through a motion saying time was running out, and demanding that the new Cabinet - in place just a few months - publish their plans.

    People tell us they don't like 'yah-boo' politics, and that's exactly what Labour were doing - criticising the new leaders for not doing in two months what Labour hadn't done in two years. But action on air quality is important for everyone in Derby.

    Thanks to a Lib Dem amendment, both Conservatives and Labour are now committed to publishing their plans to improve Derby's air quality, and the Council is committed to carrying out public consultation to get the best plans. The amendment also commits the Council to meet or exceed the clean air targets set out in the Government and court requirements.

    Delays on A52 Works

    Since Labour lost control of the Council it has emerged that the A52 project, started by Labour, is now likely to double in cost. An audit investigation was ordered as soon as Labour lost control of the Council in May this year. This is being done by Central Midlands Audit Partnership, who do internal audit for the City Council and others in the region.

    At the July Council meeting Labour put forward a motion to have a second review of the project carried out. This would have cost the Council about £1 million and been slower.

    Lib Dem councillors amended this motion to make sure that the report from Central Midlands Audit Partnership will be published in full and debated by Council. It also called upon Labour Cllr Asif Afzal, the previous Cabinet member with responsibility for the works, to fully co-operate with the investigation, and to say when he first knew of the overspend and what actions he took to mitigate the impact prior to him leaving his Cabinet position in May 2018.

    Cllr Eric Ashburner said "We all want to know what went wrong to make the cost of the A52 works rocket. But Labour's stunt of trying to push for a slower, more expensive investigation into mistakes that happened on their own watch is just a silly game. I am confident the Audit Partnership will get to the bottom of how Labour let the costs rise so massively."

  • Article: Jul 16, 2018

    Littleover Liberal Democrats are fighting to save the 35 bus service.

    Notts and Derby bus company plan to cut the service on July 20th. This bus is a vital service for older residents in Bretton Avenue and Haven Baulk Lane area for town, Tescos and medical appointments.

    The Focus team have surveyed passengers and are approaching businesses and groups with their findings. They hope that showing how vital this bus service is will encourage others to help fund the service.

  • Article: Jul 14, 2018

    Lib Dem MP Wera Hobhouse's Private Members Bill to make 'upskirting a specific criminal offence was shockingly blocked by Tory MP Christopher Chope.

    After further pressure from Wera, the Government has used a rare process to take this bill through the House of Commons anyway.

    Derby North Lib Dem campaigner Barry Holliday said: "I am disgusted by the action of Mr Chope. He is a disgrace to parliament and his Conservative party. Stopping a bill that specifically bans taking vile illicit photographs of women is irresponsible and fundamentally wrong. He should resign!"