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  • Full colour pic of Maggie Hird
    Article: Jan 17, 2021

    On 13th January Council Cabinet approved the plan for the rebuilding of Ravensdale Infant and Nursery School after the fire in October. The work is scheduled to last for 17 months. The length of time has surprised some people who have compared this project to the rebuilding of Mickleover Primary school which took less than a year. "I raised the issue of the timescales at the Cabinet meeting," said Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr Ruth Skelton, "but I didn't get a concrete answer, so we still don't know why two similar projects are taking very different lengths of time to be completed."

  • Danielle H&S
    Article: Jan 3, 2021
    By Phil Smith

    Liberal Democrat Derby City councillor Danielle Lind, Chair of Children and Young People Scrutiny Board & Children and Young People Champion has written to Cllr Williams (Portfolio holder for Children and Young People) & Cllr Poulter (Leader of Derby City Council) calling on them to close primary schools in Derby from tomorrow 4th January and move to remote learning.

  • Petition: Dec 14, 2020

    We ask Aldi and Derby City Council to agree to widen the Rykneld Road pavement on the field side of the hedge as part of their new store layout so that the existing hedge can be kept. A path here would be safer and more pleasant for people using the path and be less disruptive to build than widening the pavement by the road

  • Cllr Joe Naitta With A New Disabled Toilet Sign
    Article: Dec 3, 2020

    We're all familiar with public buildings having adapted toilets available for disabled people. These are designed to ensure that, for those who need them, they can rely on there being a toilet they can use and not have to play it safe and stay at home.

    Sadly though, for many disabled people who need such facilities, they face stigma when trying to use them. People with invisible disabilities such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis can face stigma or even accusations from staff when they try to use these facilities, in spite of needing them and being eligible to use them.

  • Cllr Steve Willoughby wearing his hidden disability Sunflower lanyard
    Article: Nov 25, 2020

    Liberal Democrat Councillor Steve Willoughby is delighted that the motion he proposed at the Full council meeting of Derby City Council on 25th November to recognise the hidden disability sunflower scheme was passed unanimously by all of his fellow councillors, with full cross party support. The scheme will now be discussed with council's disability forum.

  • Cllrs Ajit Singh Atwal, Danielle Lind and Joe Naitta distributing food to Derby families during half term
    Article: Nov 25, 2020

    Cllr Danielle Lind and Derby Liberal Democrats were delighted that their motion passed today, calling to make Free School Meals provision available to all families in need year-round, rather than just during school terms.

    Responding to this, Cllr Lind said: "The coronavirus lockdowns this year have highlighted the real inequality in our country. It should be a given that no child goes hungry. I'm shocked that it's taken a pandemic and national lockdown to force action on this vital issue, and shocked that the Conservatives still aren't prepared to take this issue seriously. Why can the Conservatives not understand that all children need food?

  • Cllr Steve Willoughby wearing his hidden disability Sunflower lanyard
    Article: Nov 25, 2020

    Derby Liberal Democrat councillors are behind a motion to be debated at the next meeting of Derby's Full Council on 25th November, that calls on the Council to formally recognising the Disability Sunflower Scheme, and for their disability forum to discuss the issue and consider if there are other actions that should also be take to widen understanding of this nationally accepted symbol.

  • Free School Meals
    Article: Oct 28, 2020

    Derby Liberal Democrats have today proposed a motion to Derby City Council to extend Free School Meals speaking about the motion Lib Dem Council Group Leader Ruth Skelton said "The situation regarding Free School Meals in England is unacceptable. Today my colleagues Cllr Danielle Lind & Cllr Ajit Atwal have submitted a motion to be debated at the next Full Council meeting on 25th November.

  • FSM Picture
    Petition: Oct 24, 2020

    Derby Liberal Democrats are calling to extend free school meals so that no child living in poverty misses out - even during holidays and periods of lockdown.

    After a high-profile campaign led by footballer Marcus Rashford, the Government provided food vouchers for the poorest families through the summer holidays.

  • Article: Oct 20, 2020

    Derby Liberal Democrats are joining with their national colleagues to express outrage at the fact that the Internal Markets Bill passed through the House of Commons - and will soon return there after the House of Lords recently amended it, indicating it would undermine the rule of law. This Bill overturns some provisions of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and, on the Tory Government's own admission, breaks international law as it reverses a commitment they signed up to in an international treaty.