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  • Sewage alerts for beaches Oct 2021 (Surfers against Sewage)
    Petition: Oct 25, 2021

    Water companies are dumping thousands of litres of raw sewage into Derbyshire rivers each year.

    In some parts of Derbyshire, untreated sewage is being released into the environment for most of the year. Take a look at this map to see how often sewage is being dumped into a river near you.

    Last week 265 Tory MPs voted to relax the regulations and allow further dumping of sewage not just from storm flows but also if chemicals were not available to treat the waste (such as Brexit causing problems with deliveries).

  • Speeding Car
    Survey: Oct 9, 2021
    8 questions

    The Lib Dem team would like to hear your views

    Recently we have had many complaints from residents about the amount of speeding and traffic in our streets.

    We would like to find out how wide-spread this problem is, which streets are most affected, and any suggestions you have to make our streets safer.

    We will then discuss the problems with the Police and the Council.

  • Document: Oct 3, 2021
    1.28 MiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Littleover Focus, September 2021, with news from all around the ward.

    Main article is about the removal of parking outside the shops in Littleover village and asking people to complete the survey about what to do with the space.

  • View down Burton Road showing Southview shopping area in Littleover and pavement
    Survey: Sep 22, 2021
    1 question

    Early in September shopkeepers and others were shocked to find they'd been given parking tickets when parked in front of the Southview shops. Parking officers had checked the Council records for the area between the pavement and the wall and found it listed as highway land. This means the whole of this area is officially 'no parking' because it is covered by the double yellow lines along the edge of the road. This is despite people having parked here without complaint for decades. Your Councillors objected at the sudden change of rules and the parking tickets have now been cancelled.

  • Survey: Aug 8, 2021
    33 questions
  • dog
    Petition: Jul 13, 2021

    Pet thefts have risen 250% during the pandemic. Under the current law, pets are treated as property, with no distinction between a family's beloved dog and a stolen bike.
    Conservative MPs blocked plans for bigger fines and tougher sentences to deter criminals from targeting family pets.

    Add your name to the petition to support introducing a specific offence with tougher sentences to deter criminals from pet theft.

  • Danielle H&S
    Article: May 5, 2021

    Schools in Derby are set to lose £811,250 in funding for the most disadvantaged pupils in the city following the government's decision to alter the method of calculating Pupil Premium funding.

    The pupil premium, which aims to close the attainment gap by providing extra money to pupils eligible for free school meals, was a flagship reform introduced by the Liberal Democrats in government in 2011.

  • Document: Apr 20, 2021
  • Proposed reallocation of green belt for housing to west of Acorn Way, Oakwood, Derby (Crown copyright and database rights 2021 Ordnance Survey 100019826)
    Petition: Apr 4, 2021

    We the undersigned oppose the proposal to build on the green belt near Acorn Way on the following grounds: The destruction of our local countryside; It reduces the separation of Derby City from the surrounding area contrary to the purposes of the green belt; The additional traffic on the already busy roads around Oakwood will cause increased traffic chaos on Acorn Way; The increased pressure on the already inadequate resources and amenities, such as schools, surgeries, and shops in the area; inadequate access/egress onto the proposed estate. This area should be kept as designated green belt.

  • Nurse in PPE
    Petition: Apr 2, 2021
    A 1% pay rise for nurses is nothing short of an insult.
    The Conservatives wasted hundreds of millions on private firms that failed to deliver usable protective equipment. But they refuse to give our NHS heroes a pay rise whilst giving a "Thank you" payment of £2000 to the Deloitte management consultants for their work in the pandemic.