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  • Article: Apr 19, 2017
    By Cllr Ruth Skelton

    This General Election will decide the future direction of our country. We are at a crossroads.

    The snap General Election on 8th June will be a choice between an inward-looking, "pull up the drawbridge" approach to life or an outlook that says we want to be a positive influence on our neighbours and the world. Tens of thousands of people have joined the Liberal Democrats over the last two years, and the party has now doubled in size. These people want to make sure the UK remains a country where traditional British values of decency, tolerance and fair-play are upheld.

  • Article: Mar 10, 2017

    Maintenance & improvements

    Thanks to a local resident getting in touch, the pavement in front of the four houses on Rykneld Road should now be improved. This work was required as part of the building work, but had been missed.

    The double yellow lines where Valley Road joins the ring road are being extended to reduce conflict with parked cars when vehicles turn off the ring road. This also follows requests from local people.

  • Article: Mar 9, 2017

    Nearly two years ago, Focus reported on a possible new path alongside the A38 to link Uttoxeter Road and Heatherton/Haven Baulk areas for walkers and cyclists. At last this vision has got one step nearer.

    Highways England (which looks after trunk roads like the A38) has put money in its 2017/18 budget to do initial work to check that the project is viable. The local landowner has also expressed support for the project.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2017

    Pastures Hill/Hillsway

    The deadline for replacing the Hillsway roundabout with traffic lights is being relaxed. This junction change was required by the inspector who approved the expansion of Heatherton into South Derbyshire ('Highfields Farm').

    It was never clear why this would be an improvement, and the problems with other traffic light junctions (notably Kingsway) have made the experts review this policy.

  • Article: Mar 7, 2017

    Labour's consultation into what next for libraries in Derby closed before Christmas. It asked for views on four options with a range of library closures and relying on volunteers to keep some open. Results of this are still being analysed.

    Before Christmas Derby Lib Dem councillors encouraged the Library service to thank people who had already offered to help. This doesn't seem to have happened, but they still hope that such potential volunteers will be contacted soon. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition against libraries being closed. This has now been handed in to the Council.

  • Article: Mar 2, 2017
    By Cllr Eric Ashburner

    This council should strive to ensure services that people want are provided cost effectively, as has done in the past. This can be achieved by listening to residents and providing what they want rather than Labour's decorative foibles.

    For example this council spent £1.2m on removing the picnic area, clock and toilets including the disabled toilet from the Spot and replacing them with paving slabs, ornamental rings and a wall. If they had properly consulted the public they should have found better use for the money, at this location, during, what they claim is a time of "austerity".

  • Article: Feb 13, 2017

    Crossings Upgrade

    The pelican crossing outside the opticians in Littleover Village is to be renewed. Work starts on 20th February and should take about two weeks. A temporary crossing point will be provided. From 6th March the crossing for Warwick Avenue at Valley Road is also to be renewed, taking about three weeks. This will include converting to a toucan for cyclists to use too. There will be speed reductions and lane closures to make space for working. Councillors are asking that any other maintenance work in this area be completed at the same time.

  • Cllr Hilary Jones and Mickleover campaigners Maggie Hird and Peter Barker at Mickleover Library
    Article: Feb 4, 2017
    By Maggie Hird

    For National Libraries' Day, Mickleover Lib Dems campaigner Maggie Hird tells us why she thinks our local libraries are so important.

    Does Derby's Labour Council think our local libraries are just somewhere to store books?

    We all know how important it is to fund care for the elderly and the vulnerable. But the full importance of libraries to people and communities is often missed.

  • Article: Feb 3, 2017

    Polluted Air

    Derby has been exposed as one of the areas in the UK with the worst air quality. The Government has instructed the Council to implement a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) by 2020 to deal with the problem.

    The Government has made various pots of money available to apply for. Derby City Council has applied for some. Later this year there should be a consultation on what the Council plans to do for Derby's CAZ.

  • Article: Feb 2, 2017

    Last autumn Labour councillors voted against piloting anti-fraud measures that would have helped to stamp our electoral fraud in Derby.

    Undeterred, Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr Ruth Skelton wrote a letter to the Government to ask for voter photo ID to be piloted in Derby. The Conservative & UKIP Group Leaders also signed the letter.