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    Petition: Oct 24, 2020

    Derby Liberal Democrats are calling to extend free school meals so that no child living in poverty misses out - even during holidays and periods of lockdown.

    After a high-profile campaign led by footballer Marcus Rashford, the Government provided food vouchers for the poorest families through the summer holidays.

  • Article: Oct 20, 2020

    Derby Liberal Democrats are joining with their national colleagues to express outrage at the fact that the Internal Markets Bill passed through the House of Commons - and will soon return there after the House of Lords recently amended it, indicating it would undermine the rule of law. This Bill overturns some provisions of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and, on the Tory Government's own admission, breaks international law as it reverses a commitment they signed up to in an international treaty.

  • Cllr Lind
    Article: Sep 8, 2020

    In light of COVID-19 all councils in the UK have had to make changes in their home to school transport arrangements. Derby City Council had committed to writing to all effected parents to let them know the travel arrangements for their children this does not seem to have happened, leaving many families in the dark.

  • Petition: Sep 3, 2020

    In responses to concerns raised by local residents Maggie Hird is leading a campaign to have the speed limit on the Mickleover section Uttoxeter Road (from the end of Western Road to Tesco roundabout) reduced to 30 miles per hour.

    Maggie Hird and the Mickleover Focus Team are calling on Derby City council to reduce the speed from 40 mph to 30 mph on Uttoxeter Road from the end of Western Road to Tesco roundabout please support our campaign by signing our petition.

  • Layla Moran MP
    Article: Aug 20, 2020

    Responding to reports that BTec results have been pulled on the eve of results, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson said:

    "This is yet another shambles from the Government.
    "It seems the Conservatives, bumbling from one crisis to the next, simply forgot about a half a million students awaiting their BTEec grades, and had to pull the results at the last minute.

    "Meanwhile, the Education Secretary is still in his job and the Prime Minister is still on holiday. This summer has been a disaster for the Government, it has left students panicking about their future and colleges in turmoil. Williamson must resign and Boris Johnson must return to deal with this crisis."

  • Cllr Lind
    Article: Aug 18, 2020

    Following the national uproar about the Government's exam grading algorithm, Gavin Williamson and Boris Johnson had to do a U-turn over the weekend. A levels and GCSEs will now be based on teachers' assessments.

    Derby Lib Dem Council Group Spokesperson for Children and Young People Councillor Danielle Lind said " Obviously I welcome this U-turn, but this could, and should have been sorted weeksago. Instead, hundreds of thousands of young people have been forced to deal with uncertainty over their grades and worry about their future.

  • Kate Smith outside Alfreton Police Station (Kate Smith)
    Article: Aug 17, 2020
    By Kate Smith Derbyshire Liberal Democrat Police Crime Commissioner candidate


    Local Lib Dem campaigner and policing candidate Kate Smith highlights gaps in the armoury of Forces like Derbyshire's, once the UK leaves the EU

    After 31 December 2020, UK Police Forces will no longer be able to access Schengen Information System 2 (SIS2). Through this data-sharing system, UK Police asked for details of people of interest roughly 603 million times in 2019. SIS2 covers over 79 million people, who may be wanted or missing criminals or alleged offenders, and live in or have escaped to an EU country.

  • TV 3
    Article: Aug 16, 2020

    The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to reinstate free TV licenses for over 75s during the COVID-19 crisis, amid concerns that the decision to cut this benefit will leave millions of elderly people without television at a critical time.

    As of 1 August 2020, TV licences are now only free for people over the age of 75 if they are receiving pension credit.

  • TV 5
    Petition: Aug 11, 2020

    Lib Dems in Derby are campaigning to keep free TV licences for many over 75s.

    The Conservative Government has scrapped free TV licences from 1st August, which will impact on over 16,000 older residents in Derby.

    During the pandemic, the TV has been a lifeline for many elderly residents who've taken the government's advice and stayed at home.

  • Kate Smith outside Alfreton Police Station (Kate Smith)
    Article: Aug 5, 2020
    By Kate Smith

    The announcement of Derbyshire's new Chief Constable is an opportunity to build on existing strengths and improve on those areas where the Force is weaker, says Lib Dem Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Candidate Kate Smith.

    The successor to Peter Goodman as Chief Constable is the experienced, hard-working and energetic Rachel Swann.Kate welcomes this appointment, saying, "Some will recognise the name of Rachel Swann, who co-ordinated the multi-agency response to the Toddbrook Reservoir emergency, in early August 2019. It seems fitting that the news comes on the anniversary of that incident. Deputy Chief Constable Swann's organising skills were outstanding, and her record on prioritising scarce resources, cross-agency collaboration and team management is also clearly recognised by the Force, and by the current PCC. Many congratulations to her."