Liberal Democrats slam "Coalition of losers"

2006 Mai 9 3:20 PM

Derby Liberal Democrats have slammed the decision of Labour and Conservative groups on the city council to form an Alliance.

Liberal Democrat group leader Hilary Jones said "It is a slap in the face for the people of Derby. The public gave their verdict on Thursday. The Liberal Democrats were the only party to gain seats in Thursday's elections. Both the Labour and Conservative parties lost seats. Now the two losing parties have joined together in a desperate attempt to cling onto power.

"If Chris Williamson continues as leader of Derby City Council he will continue without a shred of credibility. The man who in countless speeches and leaflets attacked the Lib Dem led council for going into an Alliance with the Conservatives has now done a total uturn and jumped into bed with the Tories.

"Many Labour and Conservative voters will be furious with their parties for abandoning their principles to keep hold of a bit of power".

The Lib Dem leader went on to point out how the new arrangement would hit Derby people in the pocket "The thing that will annoy Derby taxpayers most is the fact that they have to pick up the bill for this Labour/Tory Alliance. The number of cabinet seats has gone up to ten this adds more than £14,000 to their allowances, and who knows how much in expenses!"